The Rotary Club of Ignacio with the support of Marin County Parks and local residents, created this meadow in Novato, planted with Milkweed and other pollinator species to support the endangered Monarch butterfly.
Every fall, as temperatures begin to drop, monarch butterflies from as far north as Canada begin to migrate south to warmer climates. The butterflies are threatened by climate change and drought and need support more than ever. In July 2022, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) classified the migratory monarch butterfly as “endangered.”
As the monarch butterflies migrate through Marin County, environmental groups and supporters are trying to make their visit here productive rather than distructive.
As pollinators, the monarch butterfly migration provides an invaluable service that is essential for many ecosystems to survive according to the Nature Conservancy. It is thanks to pollinators that we have many flowers and dietary staples that we enjoy here in Marin County.
The Rotary Club of Ignacio’s Foundation contributed $3,500 of Club and District 5150 matching funds allowing the County Parks and Open Space District to purchase more than 600 milkweed plants for this project. The Rotary Club is recruiting volunteers from the Club, other Rotary clubs in Marin County, and nearby volunteers who live near Pacheco Valle. The County Parks and Open Space District is recruiting Master Gardeners and Open Space volunteers assisted as well. Rotarians at Work!”
Photos by Greg Tull